Bangladesh launches new low dose contraceptive pill

Bangladesh is a country where “reproductive revolution” is occurring since the country gained its independence in 1971. The contraceptive prevalence rate in Bangladesh increased from 3 percent in 1971 to 55.8 in 2006 (source: Bangladesh Health Survey 2007).Oral pill is a widely used method of contraception in Bangladesh.

Recently, a nonprofit organization Social Marketing Company (SMC) has started marketing and distribution of a new low dose oral pill “Combination 3(C3)” with commodity assistance from USAID. C3 is manufactured by Bayer Schering Pharma, Germany and contains the hormonal formulation of Levonorgestrel 0.15mg and Ethinylestradiol 0.03 mg. Being a low dose formulation ‘C3’ easily suits with body. Considering the low income mass population of the country, SMC has placed ‘C3’ in the market at very affordable price.

The introduction of C3 will further strengthen the National Family program of this most densely populated country. This initiative is likely to contribute to achieve CPR rate 72% by 2015.

Rahnuma Afroz
Program Associate, PPD

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6 Responses to Bangladesh launches new low dose contraceptive pill

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  2. salman azad says:

    wife has 2 kids from previous marrriage, before we start a family of our own in 2 years time, need to think what to use, which pill.

  3. M A Rashid says:

    I am working as Deputy Director of Labour, Population and Labour Welfare Unit, Department of Labour, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of Bangladesh. My main area of work is to birth control and family welfare in labour sector here in Bangladesh. We have 30 labour welfare centre in all over the Bangladesh I mean logistic opportunity but we need enough birth-control materials and sustainable technologies for this project. Bangladesh is low income country here are 5 crore workers are working formal & non-formal sector So, I am requesting you to provide enough birth-control materials and training for our officers.

  4. fatema says:

    Rahnuma afroz,
    I am 27 yrs, married woman, working in a multinational copany, i wanna know what is low dose? is it less side effects? Can u tell me about c3 that after continue, it will not increase my weight?
    -Fatema Akter

  5. @ Tauseef , Thanks for your response . This C3 pill is now avaiable in Bangladesh market which cost only 8 BDtaka ( 9.15 PK rupees/ US$ 0 .10 ) per cycle. If you wants know about details please visit Social Marketing Company’s web / USAID Bangladesh Web.


  6. Tausef Ahmed says:

    I am looking for details on composition and other relevant material on this new pill. Where can I get details on this. Pelase help and guide.

    Tauseef Ahmed

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